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September 11, 2004

The AT isn't that long....

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we summated Katahdin. I remember feeling how long that hike was and how much I wanted to get done. The mental drone of repetitive, laborious, physical activity is gone and the highs and lows are becoming more vivid in my memory. Looking back after only two weeks, the AT doesn't seem so long - just long ago. I'm really glad we took lots of pictures.

Posted by mike . Saturday, 11 Sep 2004 . 10:47 AM, MDT .


  1. CONGRATULATIONS for finishing your hike at KATAHDIN! I envy you. I'm thinking of finishing my hike next June-July. Meanwhile, I'm recovering from surgery. I had a ligament reattached and an inch and a half tear in my rotator cuff sewed. Hope to see you sometime at a hiker's reunion. I've enjoyed viewing your pictures on the internet. A great documentary. I remember both of you fondly and with a great deal of respect.

    Henry Fast (Homeboy)

    Posted by henryfast . Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004 . 09:24 PM, MDT . #