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August 27, 2004

I'M FREE..!!!

Isn't there a song with only those words in it..?!!!
That's ME!!!
and I'm doin' a 'Snoopy' happy dance too.!!!!
It's that bouncy ultra light feeling you have when you finally take off a really heavy pack you've been wearing all day .........aahhhhhhh...
I have finally had some time to read some of the trail journals of those who are still out there. Listening to the stories and the places you've just past thru is like seeing my own memories from a different angle. Kind of gives me a warm feeling inside... And there is comfort in knowing that old friends are still out there and able to follow their dream.
We are all BUT done. We will climb the 5.2 miles up Mt. Katahdin the 29th with Erin and Chris and Wally and multiple friends....."we" will be one of those obnoxious groups ...... guess it's our turn..!!
Thank you,
to all who have supported and followed us on this journey.
This experience has shown me that everything is within my reach...the surprise is in what you might have to go through to get there....
I'm not sure that I'm as strong as I thought I was, but I am braver than I thought.
And that there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.!!!!
and that I'm (probably) not allergic to poison ivy...????

Posted by Ruth . Friday, 27 Aug 2004 . 08:50 PM, MDT .


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MAINE DISH!!!! Oxymoron is in Duncannon visiting on his way home. He stopped in at the Riviera Tavern and the bartender working called me. I was so glad he found me so we could update. He bought me several drinks. I called Mark and Lisa and handed him the phone...message at Mark's and I called Sue & Buck...he got to talk to Sue. I am trying to talk him into staying in Duncannon to hear Sue and Buck perform tomorrow night at the Doyle. I am going to check out the pics on your site later. Right now I am going to hang out with Oxymoron and 2 southbounders.
    Again, CONGRATS. If I get up that way, I'll get in touch. There is a get together being organized by ATtroll...a White Blaze trailmagic party on the 18th & 19th at Caratunk. I just may try to get there.
    Your trailangel always,

    Posted by Mary Parry . Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 . 06:40 PM, MDT . #
  2. P.S. I mean Sue & Mark performing!

    Posted by Mary Parry . Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 . 06:42 PM, MDT . #
  3. done? done! done? done, huh? done! wow!

    done? sheesh. sheeshola. sheeshamungous awe exudes frome me and through this keyboard and is hopefully conveyed in words here at the big hike archive! its all an archive now, kids! wasnt NH and ME ridiculous? i am proud of you guys, you turned into some stylish and can do hikers, and were always class-act-nice folks. what a big journey, i mean i just think of you guys in GA, then in CT. ch ch ch ch changes.

    those hiker pictures are so awesome. that is what everybody wants to do, but no one does, take pictures of everyone. those faces say more than any landscape or trailjournal could say. nice job. i particularly like the one of homeboy. i was two days after you at pinkham notch and i read that homeboy was injured. sad news.

    aaahhhahahahah! no more coherent words from me here. bye and congrats and love and all that stuff. you guys should just sit on the couch for a month and watch the red sox' triumphant september/ october march to historic victory! maybe ill join you for a brew, i may be going to maine. hey i stop writing now.


    Posted by milo . Friday, 3 Sep 2004 . 01:44 PM, MDT . #
  4. YAY!!! Congratulations!! WHOOPY!!! I wish could have been there to hit the summit with you, but I appreciated the call. Words can't express how proud I am of you guys for your determination and strength!


    Posted by Ruthie . Friday, 3 Sep 2004 . 07:34 PM, MDT . #
  5. Congrats you two! Isn't it great to be done! I miss sleeping outside every night but am SO glad to be home. Hope things are going well. Keep in touch!

    Posted by Trunks . Saturday, 4 Sep 2004 . 05:15 PM, MDT . #
  6. Wonder when I'll feel "back to nomal"?

    It's Monday Sept. 6th, I'm back to Hamilton Ohio with Bonnie, and getting ready to resume my engineering career at Deerfield Mfg/Ice Industries.

    In the week since completing the "BIG HIKE", I drove from Maine to New York (Erin and Chris's), then to Valley View, Ohio to visited my mother and sister, then to Hamiltom, then to my home on Hess Lake in Michigan with Bonnie to hang out with daughter Ruth, neighbers and friends, and then back Hamilton. Almost everyone noticed the missing 40 lbs. My feet are still a little numb, my knees throb when when I sit in one position (like driving), and my ankles need about a 20 step warm-up befor they'll work right.

    After 5 months of getting up and hiking 20 miles a day, getting up to "go to work" tomarrow, seem really strange... "Coming ready or not"

    Thanks to all who followed, commented, and supported us on our absolutely fantastic adventure.

    Special Thanks to:

    Erin (daughter) and Chris (son-in-law) for this web site and primary hiking supplies and equipment lagistical support.

    Ruth (daughter) and Dave (son-in-law) for taking care of propery and finances.

    Mom and Dad (in-law) Kennedy for the ride from New York to Springer Mountain, Georgia to get things started.

    Howard Ice and Gene Swick of Ice Inductries for the "leave of absence" and moral suport.

    Ruth Kennedy (sister-in-law) A.K.A.- Maine Dish - loyal and steady hiking partner, for just being there for five months "2200 MILES"

    Posted by Mike A.K.A. Oxymoron . Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 . 01:48 AM, MDT . #
  7. Congrats on summitting! I finished August 23rd and am now finding out where other people are at on trailjournals.com. Nice to hear y'all made it!

    Posted by Rocket . Thursday, 9 Sep 2004 . 01:13 PM, MDT . #
  8. Congratulations to the two of you. I hope you remember me as the guy on the LT who stayed at Goddard shelter with you. Fifty year old music teacher from CT. Oxymo gave me a basket for my trekking pole and we all stayed at the same B+B in Manchester. Glad to hear that things went well for you. I finished my entire LT hike up to Canada and went under the name of Strummystick. Just to let you know... the two of you and Trunks helped me after a hard day with your cheerful dispositions. I was getting a bit bumbed with the wet Vermont weather

    Posted by Strummystick . Saturday, 13 Nov 2004 . 08:51 PM, MST . #