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September 26, 2004

The last miles...

Here is the long-overdue update for the last days our Hiker's trekked in August:

Day Miles
Aug 9131[1]
Aug 15137[7]
13816.7 miles8 (flipslack)
13915.9 miles9
14018.4 miles10
14122.3 miles11
14219.1 miles12
14310.8 miles13
Aug 22144rest day
14513.4 miles14start full-pack flip
14625.4 miles15
14723.8 miles16
14816.8 miles17
149rest day
150rest day
Aug 291515.1 miles18

1 August 9

2 August 10

3 August 11

4 August 12

5 August 13

6 August 14

7 August 15

8 August 16

Flipslack from East Flagstaff Road (2003 miles) to Stranton Motel (1986.3 miles).

9 August 17

To Pearce Pond Lean-to (2018.9 miles), where they listened to the loons all night.

10 August 18

To Bald Mountain Brook Campsite (2037.3 miles), where they tented.

11 August 19

Into Monson (2059.6 miles), the last town before the "100 mile wilderness". They stayed at Shaws, and something Maine Dish ate upset her stomach.

12 August 20

To Cloud Pond Lean-to (2078.7 miles), where they tented. This was a "Long, hard day." The trails were wet and sloppy in the morning, and they had two river fords with water over their knees. Maine Dish slipped, and almost fell, once.

13 August 21

Gulf Hagas (2089.5 miles):
* Lots of vertical
* Low visibility
* Rainy afternoon

They called Wallly from "Chairback", and he picked them up at the Gulf Hagas access Road.

August 22

Rest Day at Ruth's House.

14 August 23

Dropped a truck off at Gulf Hagas, and hiked south from Katahdin Stream (2168.9 miles) to the Hurd Brook Lean-to (2155.5 miles) where they tented.

15 August 24

Hiked south to Nahmakanta Lake Campsite (2130.1 miles), where they tented. They saw two moose, they're hiking pal, Trunks. and a beautiful sunset.

16 August 25

They continued south to the East Branch Lean-to (2106.3 miles), where they tented.

17 August 26

They hiked south, back to the access road at Gulf Hagas. Thwere were great views from White Cap, but the camera ran out or batteries, so they didn't get any pictures. :-P

August 27

Rest Day at Ruth's.

August 28

Rest Day at Ruth's.

18 August 29

Finally, the last bit of trail, from Katahdin Stream Campground to Baxter Peak, the mountain's summit (2174 miles). Chris and Erin (that would be me) were along for the walk, as was Wally, and a gaggle of his friends. All of us headed up the Hunt Trail (which is the AT coming up from Katahdin Stream), where we stopped for a brief rest, some pictures, and some lunch at the top. Ruth, Mike, Erin, Chris and some of Wally's freinds continued across the Knife Edge and Helon Taylor trails to end the day at Roaring Brook Campground. Wally and two of his friends headed down the Saddle and Chimney Pond trails (still ending at Roaring Brook), and nicely did soem driving to get all the cars to Roaring Brook, so we could have some snacks, and make our way home.

Posted by erin . Sunday, 26 Sep 2004 . 05:02 PM, MDT .


  1. I hiked with your dad and ruth a little bit in the south.

    glad to see they made it! I ran out of money but I have hopes of trying again in 2006.
    -Train Wreck

    Posted by Train Wreck . Sunday, 16 Jan 2005 . 11:16 AM, MST . #