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July 28, 2004

Fillin' in...

SO. I haven't been able to catch up on the exact milage for our hikers - the reception has been spotty, and our timing has been off (lots of phone tag). That said, I do know they're in New Hampshire - they should reach Glencliff tomorrow, and they should also have a huge care package waiting for them with all of their cold weather gear.

Yesterday was a restday in Hanover, NH. They're both doing well and feeling healthy, and they guestimate that they only have 1 month left!!

The one time I did talk to Dad, I found out that Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts wasn't nearly as bad as they thought; they reached the summit on that first day back on the trail with full packs. I think they even stayed at the lodge on top and deferred using the tarp tent for another night (but I could be wrong - my synapses are scrambled). ;-)

*Vermont *

Dad said when they hit Vermont it got instantly yucky - and it wasn't the state's fault. According to the locals they talked to, it has been an unusually rainy summer. So the steep, rocky slopes that are already difficult were also covered with several inches of goopy, peaty, black mud! YES! Dad said he did have one nasty slip (he figures it was his hardest landing so far, one of those "WHAP" falls) that landed him on his backside in 2 inches of slimy black muck. Yummmy.

Rain Rain Rain

I do hope they've had better weather since (especially since they only have the tarp tent right now - hardly a thing to keep you dry in a downpour), but my hopes aren't very high. I know this past weekend it was rainy on Friday and beautiful for the rest, but raining cats and dogs on the coast of Massachusetts. I hope that the storm stayed south as it worked it's way east!

Posted by erin . Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004 . 11:14 PM, MDT .


  1. Homeboy is home.
    His fall near Bennington,VT tore a ligament loose in his shoulder area. His surgery is coming up and will keep him off the trail this year....have to finish next summer.

    The best to Ruth and Mike and may they make it all the way!

    Posted by . Saturday, 31 Jul 2004 . 05:01 PM, MDT . #