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July 20, 2004

On the road again..

I don't have any immediate updates from our hikers, but they are on the trail again, rest assured.

I spent Friday driving them up into Massachussets, just south of Mt. Greylock (near Pittsfield). We got out there around 12:30, had lunch, and at 1:30, I got in the car to head home, and they shouldered their packs and let their feet carry them off toward the mountains.

For the record, neither of them were looking forward to their first day with packs after 2 weeks of slacking - especially since that day promised a whole lot of walking UP the side of Greylock.

Posted by erin . Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 . 10:31 AM, MDT .


  1. When and where's their next dropbox?

    Posted by Bonnie . Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 . 11:41 PM, MDT . #
  2. Boy- you guys are doing great! I really enjoy checking on your progress. The snake story was a little scary but i'm glad it was just a close call.

    Posted by Bessie . Thursday, 22 Jul 2004 . 09:48 AM, MDT . #
  3. They must not like me any more.. no phone calls.. ;-)

    They have a drop box coming this weekend, in Killington, and after that, the next will be on 7/30 at the Post office in Glencliff, NH.

    Address items thusly:


    Michael Haaser (or Ruth Kennedy)
    General Delivery
    Glencliff, NH 03238

    Please hold for thru-hiker - 7/30


    Posted by Erin . Friday, 23 Jul 2004 . 04:40 PM, MDT . #
  4. Erin,
    Hope Mike gets the cards I sent c/o you. I know this last part of the hike will be a real challenge for them.I enjoy my amenities too much, so I really admire anyone who steps outside their comfort zone. LOL! What an accomplishment!

    Posted by Bonnie . Friday, 23 Jul 2004 . 07:32 PM, MDT . #