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June 24, 2004

Over the hump!

Talked to Dad, they're in Port Clinton, PA.
Nearing slacking range already.. Yikes!

June 187927.4 mile slack2
8017.7 mile slack3
81rest day
8216.5 mile slack4
8321.2 miles5
8419.2 miles6
June 248513 miles7

Total: 115 miles

Again, flying by the seat of my pants - so please excuse choppyness.

June 17

0 day at the Super-8 in Carlisle2.

June 18

Slacked South to North: were driven back to Pine Grove Furnace1 so they could hike their way back to stay at Super-8 again2.

June 19

Left the Super-8, and hiked North - they're packs were slacked ahead to the Stardust Motel in Duncannon3.

June 20

0 day. Ruth wasn't feeling well.

June 21

Got a ride north to Pa 3254, and slacked southward back to the Stardust motel.

Hike Naked Day!!! Apparently you're supposed to hike naked on the solstice... :-O Ruth said they both kept their clothes on, however.

Some previous journal entries about it from other hikers:

June 25: Serenity Now

June 21st saw us tramping out of Duncannon on a well-established ritual day for the trail: Naked Hiking Day. On the summer solstice every year, hikers the A.T. over shed every bit of clothing (aside from their boots, of course) and tramp along the trail in only their birthday suits. Our dynamic duo managed to pass several section hikers who had little idea of what we were doing, and crossed a heavily-trafficked road to the tooting of many a horn

Posted by erin . Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 . 12:34 PM, MDT .