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June 17, 2004


Today was a rest day, they're staying in a Super-8 Motel just off the trail in Carlisle, PA1.

June 157617.9 miles2
7720 miles3
78rest day

Total: 37.9 miles

The stack up

The goal for June is 500 miles. We're halfway through the month, and they've 295.7 under their belts! WOOO!

June 15

I forgot to ask about this day - woops. But, considering that Caledonia State Park2 has a pool, and showers, etc. I'll suppose they stayed there. Don't let me forget to ask ;-)

Update: I asked, they stayed at Quarry Gap Shelters4.

June 16 - Day 77
They reached the official halfway point, Pine Grove, PA3, at around 2pm.

As it says in the AT Companion, "Pine Grove General Store... the first opportunity for north-bounders to join the traditional 'half-gallon club.' To belong, you have to eat a half-gallon of ice cream to mark the halfway point of your thru-hike." Dad ended up finishing off Ruth's half-gallon - she said she was about 3/4 of the way through, and just looked at it and thought, "you know, I really would rather have a cheeseburger." A little while later, they did just that. ;-)

They spent the night at the Ironmasters Mansion AYH, a hostel south of the entrance to Pine Grove Furnace State park. The AT Companion mentions that the mansion "was once a 'stop' on the Underground Railroad."

Ruth said the place was really cool - high ceilings, cool rooms (no beds though, only bunks), and bats! Apparently, Dad had a bit of an episode with a bat that managed to somehow get inside his bag liner (must have been one confused bat). There is also a huge chessboard outside (each piece is about 2" square on the bottom!), and Dad apparently got a big kick out of getting to play a few games on it against some of the other hikers that were there.

June 17 - Day 78 (today)

They got a ride from Pine Grove to the motel in Carlisle for their down day, which they spent at the Super8 eating and swimming. Dad said they both needed a rest day, but are otherwise feeling well.


1 US11-Carlisle, PA is 1,115.1 miles.

2 US30-Caledonia State Park, PA is 1,067.7 miles.

3 Pine Grove Furnace SP, PA is 1,087.7 miles.

4 Quarry Gap Shelter, 1063.2 miles

Posted by erin . Thursday, 17 Jun 2004 . 08:20 PM, MDT .


  1. Ruth and Mike -
    We got a whole package of maps the other day, we spent part of last night looking them over, looks like we can walk with you all the way to Katahdin. --- Thanks! ---Mom & Dad ---

    Posted by grandpajim . Friday, 18 Jun 2004 . 01:14 PM, MDT . #
  2. holy cow!!! MD and VA gone??? guys PA will hold many beautiful surprises for you, in college we got to hike around the delaware water gap area a lot and it is just spectacular...a good place to catch a tire inner tube ride down the river, but i guess that would be backtracking, now wouldn't it? keep your feet healthy!

    Posted by noel . Friday, 18 Jun 2004 . 02:03 PM, MDT . #
  3. PA is going by in a blink, too..
    They'll be here before I know it ;-)

    (Then maybe we can do something about that mess in my guest room... )


    Posted by Erin . Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 . 02:15 PM, MDT . #