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May 7, 2004

They dig this slack-packing stuff..

They must be getting into the swing - either that, or they've lost my number, or the phone fell into a lake, or the battery is completely dead or something (Just teasing). :-P

While I don't have exact milage stats, Ruth did post some comments1 today2 so we at least know where they are3.

May 33351.2 miles ~ 17.1 mi/day
3451.2 miles ~ 17.1 mi/day
3551.2 miles ~ 17.1 mi/day
36Rest Day

In her comments, Ruth mentioned that they'd be slack-packing over the next 3 days to reach Damascus.


1 [April 30] Slackpacking ahead (ruth)

2 [April 19] Newfound Gap (milo & ruth)

3 Ruth said they were at Laurel Fork Campground; I take that to mean Laurel Creek/Fork Lodge (the domain says creek, the website says fork, and it happens to be in the right place and offer tent sites). The Lodge is 1/2 mile east from the trailhead where it crosses USFS50/Dennis Cove Road, TN. 409.2 miles.

That means they've hiked 51.2 miles over the last 3 days (May 3, 4, 5, since today was a rest day). Extrapolating a little based on shelter locations, I will guess the following:

  • They spent the night of May 3 somewhere near the Stan Murray Shelter (374.1 miles) for a hike of around 16.2 miles.
  • They spent the night of May 4 somewhere between the Apple House Shelter (384.9 miles) and the Moreland Gap Shelter (398.3 miles). We'll split the difference and say they hiked 17.5 miles on Tuesday, the 4th, and 17.6 miles on Wednesday, the 5th.
Posted by erin . Friday, 7 May 2004 . 12:10 AM, MDT .


  1. Dad & Ruth -

    Your next drop box is on its way to Damascus. The USPS will deliver it to Mount Rogers Outfitters on either Saturday (May 8) or Monday (May 10).

    Love you! :-*

    Posted by Erin . Friday, 7 May 2004 . 01:46 AM, MDT . #