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April 28, 2004

Back in action...

Ruth and Dad made it to Indiana and back for my sister's wedding, and are right back at it.

April 262615.5 miles
2720.3 miles
2814.7 miles (guess)

Day 25 (car), and 26

Dad said they arrived in Sevierville1 Sunday night. On Monday morning, they returned the car and hitched a ride to the trailhead in Davenport Gap2. He said they got started at around 11 am, and hiked their way to a campsite "a little north of Max Patch3."

Day 27 - Hot Springs, NC

They made it to Hot Springs4, NC, yesterday, and spent the night in a hotel. Dad mentioned that they did get to soak in the springs for which the town is named, and that it was "a lot of fun" (no surprise there! :-P).

Day 28

They called today from the Firetower at Rich Mountain, about 10 miles north of Hot Springs. They hoped to make somewhere around Allen Gap5 tonight.


1 Sevierville

2 Davenport Gap, TN, where TN32 crosses the AT, 235.1 miles.

3 Max Patch is a bald mountaintop with a wide summit; it has an elevation of 4629 ft. 250.3 miles.
* Max Patch - Pigsah Nat'l Forest
* Max Patch Hike Description"

4 Hot Springs, NC, 270.9 miles.

5 Allen Gap, NC208, 285.6 miles.

Posted by erin . Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 . 11:10 PM, MDT .


  1. Mike & Ruth,

    Do you have any idea where you will be after hiking on Saturday. We'll be crossing the appalacian trail and Interstate 77 Saturday night. Let us know if you'll be available that night.


    Posted by Jim & Jane . Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 . 09:57 AM, MDT . #