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April 17, 2004

Into the Smokies

Last night they stayed at the Birch Spring Campsite1, the first tent site within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park2. They'll spend the night at Derrick Knob3.

April 161612.5 miles
1716.7 miles

Their connection was pretty bad, so I didn't get a lot of (any) details.


1 Birch Spring Campsite (3760 ft.) - 168.7 miles, used to be a shelter.

2 Great Smoky Mountains National Park

3 Derrick Knob Shelter (4880 ft.) - 185.4 miles

Posted by erin . Saturday, 17 Apr 2004 . 06:43 PM, MDT .


  1. Wow! you guys sure are hoofin' it! Totally awsome. Hope you have lots of pictures. Keep up the great work. I bet the flowering bushes will be out soon if not already. It must be fantastic! Will check in on you soon. A big thanks to Erin for keeping us all updated!#58;-)Pam

    Posted by Pam . Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 . 04:04 AM, MDT . #