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April 7, 2004

Modus Interruptus

I did not hear from our team yesterday, and have no call thus far today - they probably have no signal. I'll take advantage of this interruption in our regular posting schedule to let everyone know about the latest hiccup in this journey.

My sister (also named Ruth) is getting married on April 24th. Her fiance, Dave, is in the National Guard Reserves, and has been activated, and will have to leave near the end of April. So. The wedding that was supposed to be in October will now take place, in a much less formal fashion, in just a few weeks.

Since Dad wants to be there, they'll be taking a brief trail hiatus for that weekend (April 23-25), which happens to coincide with when they were due to stop for a rest-and-restock in Hot Springs, NC.

There. You've been informed.

Trail Magic

I sent an email to the Mountain Springs outfitters4 (via their website), just to say thanks for being really great to our hikers, and I got a very nice response back:

Erin- thanks for the email. We had a good time with your parents and hope the Maine Dish feet are better. Thanks for the link.... create a nice day.

Trail Names

Also, upon reflection, I think Dad's Trail Name is more like Oxy Moron than just plain old Oxymoron (Oxy as in Ox-like, with the added fun that it sounds like oxymoron..). Silly me, I forgot to ask him if it was one word or two.

I hope all of you are creating nice days, too.


1 Unicoi Gap (2949 ft) - 50.7 miles

2 Tray Gap (3847 ft) - 55.1 miles

3 Deep Gap Shelter (3350 ft) - 63.3 miles

4 Mountain Crossings @ Walasi-Yi

Posted by erin . Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004 . 08:33 PM, MDT .