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January 31, 2004

mailstop list

This is a list in progress for a bounce or mailstop box that will be shuttled back and forth between HQ (in NY) and Mike and Ruth on the trail. Letters and comments (well wishings, etc.) from this site will be included.


  • freeze-dried pkg meals
  • jerky (from jerky stores)
  • backup mess kit
    * esbit
    * water filter
    * toilet paper

First Aid

  • vitamins
  • coated baby aspirin
  • ly-sine
  • alcohol


  • town clothing
  • socks
  • tiny pulsars w/switches (flashlights) and/or 3V batteries
  • shoe strings
  • tools


  • disposable cameras w/ mailers
Posted by mike . Saturday, 31 Jan 2004 . 05:55 PM, MST .


  1. i am so excited for your adventure!! i wish you mild weather, comfy shoes, and good health.....will you be updating us along the way? you forgot 'laptop' on the shopping list (p.s. consider saving some room for a bottle of benadryl---it cures a host of ills) love, noel

    Posted by noel eloff . Saturday, 21 Feb 2004 . 05:08 PM, MST . #
  2. noel - luck is a factor so, thanks for the best wishes especially "comfy shoes". hope all is well with you, mike

    Posted by mike haaser . Thursday, 26 Feb 2004 . 12:44 PM, MST . #
  3. Nole - Dad will be keeping us posted so we can keep everyone else posted...

    The map on the left as a red marker with the start date... I'll add more like it as they go, so you can sort of follow along where they are...

    I don't think we've figured out the update frequency yet, but at the least, Chris and I are responsible for mailing them supplies... :-P

    Posted by Erin . Thursday, 4 Mar 2004 . 01:46 PM, MST . #
  4. From this page :

    Too many mail drops can be a nuisance... about fifteen mail drops are adequate for a thru-hike.

    After selecting each resupply point, create a packing list for each box. Items you may want to send in the mail drop include: food, contact lens solution and/or additional disposable lenses, batteries, film, stationary, stamps, travelers checks, socks, and other clothing.

    Soap should be triple-bagged, as its fragrance can permeate certain foods. While every package will include food, most other items can be sent in every second or third box....

    Posted by Erin . Thursday, 4 Mar 2004 . 09:06 PM, MST . #
  5. Hey Dad -

    This page says:

    Using the checklist created for each drop in step one, pack each of the mail drop boxes. If you are going on a hike with more than two mail drops, you won't want to seal all the boxes just yet. Seal and send only the first two packages. Solicit someone back home to send the other drops later. Leave the other packages open. That way if you need to change the contents of the drop, you can call the person handling the mail drops and ask them to swap out some of the contents of the later packages.

    This sort of implies more than one box, I think? If we do want to keep it to one box (or two) then we should at least have indicated on the lists which stuff should be in every box, which should be in every other, etc.

    Posted by Erin . Thursday, 4 Mar 2004 . 09:19 PM, MST . #
  6. Mike and Ruth, We'll think of you often but I'm sure in varying situations: hopefully not too many cold, wet ones. wish you sun and peace. Love, Trish and Carl

    Posted by Trish . Monday, 15 Mar 2004 . 12:42 PM, MST . #
  7. Good luck from Hess Lake. We'll keep
    the sailboats waxed. Be careful.

    Posted by jdc . Friday, 26 Mar 2004 . 10:14 AM, MST . #
  8. Ruth, Keep up the good work. Let me know if you see Dennis,hee,hee. Ruth I know that this is no seargent mt. trip,or quiet evening in your hill top home looking at the stars. This is the whole kit&kabootal,,the whole shabang,,lock,stock,and barrel. The bad with the good. I hope the good by far out weighs the bad. Not much bothers you. I guess as long as Dave isnt there after a long days walk,,yelling at you to pick up your orders,,you're golden.
    How many differant animals have you seen so far,,Bears???,,Boars??
    Talk to you soon. Bill Rand
    P.s. Remember,,bears prefer hairy legs,,please try to obstain. Heee,heee.
    p.s.s.I wish all the luck,good weather,and smooth walking to you both. Mike,,try to keep up,,just kidding.

    Posted by william Rand . Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 . 10:23 AM, MDT . #