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January 24, 2004


This site will track the progess of Mike Haaser and Ruth Kennedy as they tackle the Appalachian trail.


Miles covered and averages are, of course, approximate. I've tried to show the number of days since they started, the number of miles they've travelled vs. the number remaining, and their average travel per day (excluding and including rest days).

How to use this site

The Calendar on the main page contains links for every day that contains an entry with a title like:

<<  Month  >>

  • << and >> link to the previous and next month calendars.
  • If the month name is a link, it will take you to an archive page containing all of the entries for that month.

+ April 1

How to Add Comments

On the index page, or an archive listing, there is a line that looks like this at the bottom of every entry:

Erin posted this at 09:41 PM | Comments (0)

Click on the Comments link, and post your comment.

When an entry is viewed on a page by itself, the comment form is at the bottom of the page under the heading "Comments"

Smilies are available when posting comments, accessible via the strings listed next to the comment entry form. For example, typing this:

Go Mike! :-)

will create this in your final comment:

Go Mike! #58;-&#41;

Have fun!

Posted by erin . Saturday, 24 Jan 2004 . 10:41 PM, MST .