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August 19, 2004

Coming down the home stretch

They should have spent last night in Monson, ME, which is 2,056.3 miles.

If they hike a bit over 17 miles today, they'll be in double digits: less than 100 miles left to go.

They plan to finish the weekend of August 28/29. We're trying to arrange meeting them at the top over the weekend.

Posted by erin . Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 . 08:21 PM, MDT .


  1. Way to go Mike and Ruth! What an adventure! We have been keeping up with your progress. With under 100 miles to go, it looks like you are on pace. Hope all goes well with these finishing miles.
    Kathy & Ed

    Posted by Kathy & Ed . Sunday, 22 Aug 2004 . 03:02 PM, MDT . #
  2. you can't be finished already! turn around! i'm sure that you both don't REALLY want to go back to work, now do you? that's what i thought....back to georgia by december 31! i will be so bummed out not to be able to check out where you are and what you are doing, and enjoy your beautiful pictures all of the time......seriously though, congratulations on almost completing your trek--i really admire you both!

    Posted by noel . Sunday, 22 Aug 2004 . 09:32 PM, MDT . #