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June 10, 2004

The Royal Welcome

They spent last night (June 9) in Front Royal, VA1, and will be staying there again tonight. I believe they're staying at a hostel, but I don't have the book right in front of me to check...

June 66725.9 miles3
6816.6 miles5
6917.4 miles6
7019.8 miles1
June 107120.5 mile slack7

June 6

They hiked 25.9 miles south from Big Meadows2 to Hightop Hut3, and passed some trail magic at Lewis Mountain Campground. The shindig was hosted by some folks that wanted to pick the brains of passing hikers to help prepare for their own attempt at the trail in a few years. Dad and Ruth spent the night at/near Hightop Hut.

June 7

Again, they hiked south, making up the miles they'd hitched past on foggy June 4th. They hiked 7.6 miles from Hightop Hut to Loft Mountain4, and then hitched a ride back to Big Meadows2, and finally started a northern trek again, to Skyland Lodge5, an additional 9.0 miles.

June 8

They put in another 17.4 northbound miles, from Skyland Lodge to Gravel Springs Hut6 (with full packs and all, Ruth added). They tented near the shelter.

June 9

They carried their packs and gear from Gravel Springs Hut into Front Royal1, where they spent another night in civilization.

June 10

Today will be another slack-packing day. They've found a ride (actually a series of rides), from a trail alum named Mike (the grateful green peace guy). He dropped them off at Ashby Gap7, so that they could hike their way south back to Front Royal.


1 US522-Front Royal, VA is 954.7 miles.

2 Big Meadows Wayside-SNP, VA is 908.5 miles.

3 Hightop Hut, 882.6 miles

4 Loft Mtn. Campground-SNP, VA is 875.0 miles.

5 Skyland Service RD N-SNP, VA is 917.5 miles.

6 Gravel Springs Hut, 934.9 miles.

7 US50-Ashby Gap, VA is 975.2 miles.

Posted by erin . Thursday, 10 Jun 2004 . 01:01 PM, MDT .


  1. Met your Dad and Ruth today. Took some photos if you're interested. He was a wealth of info and helped me with my sore foot problems. Slept in my hammock next to their tent site at Gravel Springs Hut and bade them farewell in the morning.
    I will follow them on their trek from my seat at home.

    Posted by Chris Perry "Redfish" . Saturday, 19 Jun 2004 . 08:05 PM, MDT . #
  2. Thanks, Chris!

    I'll let them know you said 'lo. ;-)

    Posted by Erin . Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 . 02:13 PM, MDT . #