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June 3, 2004

A Drop in the bucket..

Ruth said it was a "good easy day," they're spending the night at a B&B in Waynesborough.

June 36413.6 miles to Waynesborogh1

Despite it being a little chilly as the evening progressed, they did manage to spend about 1/2 hour swimming in the pool at the B&B.

Dreamer called the B&B they stayed at yesterday to leave a message for Sarge - apparently, his knees were absolutely driving him nuts, and so he was headed back to Mississipi, and off the Trail.

Milo is not hiking anymore either - he's working it! Check out his epilogue.

Joe Flamingo is about a day behind them. I wish I knew if he had a trail journal, and if so where it was. I think at least he has pictures somewhere....

More Bounce Box stuff

  • Peanut Butter things (1 or 2)
  • Chicken/Tuna/Salmon (variety of 10)
  • Little bags of gorp (mountain mix)
  • granola bars, etc.

Dad thinks that the time they took off for Ruthie's wedding happened to be right at the perfect time. They managed to avoid injury by taking a break right as their bodies were starting to get adjusted (which is where some other people started to push themselves before they were really ready, and ended up with injuries).


1 Waynesborogh is near Rockfish Gap, VA, 847.6 miles.

Posted by erin . Thursday, 3 Jun 2004 . 11:02 PM, MDT .


  1. if i had any idea how much time was spent in b&b's and driving around to and from town, i would have come too!!! this almost sounds not like camping at all! (just kidding) i esp like the b&b with the footer bathtub right in the room next to the bed....

    Posted by noel . Friday, 4 Jun 2004 . 02:12 AM, MDT . #
  2. R & M - terific hike - 40% of the way - keep well! - Enjoy!!

    Posted by Mom K . Friday, 4 Jun 2004 . 12:27 PM, MDT . #