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May 21, 2004

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The last few days have been wet for our hikers, Ruth described the final descent near Pearisburg like trying to come down "mud wrestling" mud, and Dad said he was practically skiing his way down...

May 144423 miles, to Chatfield Shelter1
4518.8 miles, to Knot Maul2
4620.3 miles, to Davis Farm Campsite3
4712.8 miles, to Helveys Mill Shelter4
4823.4 miles, to Wapiti Shelter5
4920.5 miles, to Pearisburg6
50Rest day, Pearisburg

Total: 113.1 miles

Day 43 - May 13th

Dad and Ruth hung out in Damascus looking for friends in the melee of Trail Days. They met up with Bob Cunningham, saw Milo, and a bunch of others that I could swear I wrote down, but I can't find the slip of paper.

After drinking some beer and listening to a great band called "Your Momma's Big Fat Booty Band", Half Moon, whom we mentioned in another entry recently because he quoted Ruth's register entry in his trail journal, gave Dad and Ruth a late-night ride up to Marion, VA. Where they got a motel room for what was left of the night (it was around 1am).

Day 44 - May 14

A woman named Sheri picked our hikers up in her minivan, offering to take them to Dickey's Gap, where they'd left off. As they talked, she found they hadn't yet had breakfast, and offered to (and did) drop them off at a diner. She said that the owner would take them from there to the trailhead, and if he wasn't there, that she would come and pick them up, and would drop them off herself. Which she did! How cool is that?

They crossed a little trail magic in Dickey Gap3 - sodas and snacks to go, and mentioned that the Partnership Shelter4, which is right near the ranger station, not only has "running water" in the form of a faucet behind the shelter, but also a warm-water shower! They didn't stay there, though. They trudged on and stayed at Chatfield Shelter, instead.

Day 45 - May 15

They were alone at Chatfield; they were not at their next stop, Knot Maul Branch Shelter. An entire troop of boys were there. They belonged to an outdoor school, and had already spread out a bit and were cooking, etc. While the shelter wasn't actually in use, they opted to walk down the trail a ways, and camp there.

Day 46


1 Chatfield Shelter (3150 ft.) - 526.2 miles.

2 Knot Maul Branch Shelter (2880 ft.) - 545.0 miles.

3 Davis Farm Campsite, 105.5 miles from Damascus - 565.3 miles.

4 Helveys Mill Shelter - 578.1 miles.

5 Wapiti Shelter - 601.5 miles.

6 Pearisburg, VA. 622.0 miles.

7 Dickey Gap, Va. 650 and Va. 16 - Troutdale, VA. 503.2 miles.

8 Partnership Shelter (3360 ft.) - 518.5

Posted by erin . Friday, 21 May 2004 . 03:33 AM, MDT .


  1. More! More! I want to hear more! I like the story about Dad leaving his hat in the shelter, now that's the Mikie I know. Not so good for Aunt Ruth though...what a trooper!! Have our hikers heard any good AT legends they can share? Keep up the good work you two!! Love Ruthie

    Posted by Ruthie . Friday, 21 May 2004 . 09:21 PM, MDT . #
  2. It was really great meeting you two at dinner and having the wonderful conversation. i wish you godspeed and hope the trail gives you all that you had wished. best of luck allen neely Narrows, virginia

    Posted by allen r. neely . Thursday, 27 May 2004 . 10:36 PM, MDT . #