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March 10, 2004

Mike and Ruth vs. The Trail

Right now, I think the trail is winning...!
Here I sit trying to out guess it.
Any fear or trepidation I have is in the unknown....

I know I can hike.
I know that I can hike in the rain, as long as I know that I can get warm and dry again.
I know that we have a good starter tent and sleeping bags that will keep us warm.
I know that we have plenty ( tooo many in fact ) of the proper clothing...o.k. we're adding the pounds right now...!
I know that I can carry enough food, but how much is too much..?? and how do you keep a good variety and balance diet..? You guessed it, food is a whole nother story....tricky business indeed...! many many more pounds...
What I don't know is what I need on the 'stuff' end of things...? bandaids nooo... mole skin and blister-aids, triple antibiotic cream and hydrocortizone cream, bandages..?, razor, scissors, teezers, camp towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, ibuprofin, aspirin, benydril, tums, pepto bismo, DUCT tape,... and shampoo and soap for when you DO get to a campground. Maps (how many of those do you need..?) the data book, you've got to know your next maildrop... sandals, headlamp, flashlites, batteries, a journal, camera, do you want/need binoculars..? ahh...T.P., alcohol wipes,
and let us not forget those feminine hygiene items...!
It's getting heavy....
Hygiene in general, is a point of aniexty for me....just how much water is there to bathe with...?
Hey...! can you shower in the rain....???!

If I only knew now what I'll know in two months...
I never would've packed all this stuff...!!!
Can't wait...
except I've still got sooo much left to do...!

Ruth 3/10/04

Posted by Ruth . Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 . 10:37 PM, MST .


  1. It will be a learning experience for everyone, including Chris and I, as we'll be sending the boxes back and forth... ;-)

    I am really hoping you guys find a way to carry a cell phone, even if it is off most of the time. I know quite a few people who are going to want to know where you guys are...

    Eric Haaser wanted to try to join you guys for a day or two in the Carolinas; Courtney and Marek might be interested in hiking with you when you reach the Maryland area, and of course there are all of us eagerly looking forward to when you reach the New York area.

    Vitamins? Are you guys taking vitamins?
    And what about those bread recipes? Am I supposed to make bread for you? :-P

    Posted by Erin . Saturday, 13 Mar 2004 . 01:36 PM, MST . #
  2. That's a good idea, Erin..!!!
    Anything you wanna make I would imagine will be a welcome sight in that mail package..!! But seriously, first let us try the multiple highly power-packed magical bars that I've got stored in my freezer on the trail.
    Things have a way of tasting different when you're on the trail......
    but actually, as far as I'm concerned, those bars tasted better than oatmeal does right now...!
    I will be bringing all the extra grains, grits, germs and seeds I have just in case we decide one of those kinds of breads is worth repeating.

    Posted by ruth . Sunday, 14 Mar 2004 . 12:35 AM, MST . #
  3. ruth the wounderful pictures you have taken are being posted at work the are beautiful and breathtaking look forward to more, and abig thank you to erin for keeping us in the know. keep hiking and keep smiling

    Posted by dave noonan . Monday, 3 May 2004 . 10:02 AM, MDT . #